So I'm going to be away at ToyCon UK 2017 and then visiting family until the 8th of May, so I will be unable to ship new orders throughout this time. However, you're welcome to place orders and I'll ship them when I get back! You can still view and buy items here!

For those visiting my site following ToyCon, it's great to see you here! Thanks for stopping by my stall, I really appreciate it!

I'm also running a Kickstarter to get a plushie Archaeopteryx made!

You can find out more about this here:



I really thought the Rhamphorhynchus was a interesting plush but the next day it was gone so I would like you to bring it back so I can buy it

Hello, I'm glad you liked the

Hello, I'm glad you liked the Rhamphorhynchus. I'm afraid the last one I made has sold. I make my plushies by hand and in small batches, cycling through designs. Rhamphorhynchus will be back in future but not for a couple of months or so!

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