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"Golden Sucking loach" Gyrinocheilus aymonieri handmade plush toy

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This plush is made of custom printed minky fabric to my own design, sewn and stuffed with polyester stuffing. This plush has a suction cup mouth allowing it to stick to flat surfaces like glass. They have plastic metallic safety eyes and nylon barbels.

These plushies will come with a certificate of authenticity, detailling their species, the date they were made and proving that they are an original Palaeoplushie handmade in Scotland by Rebecca Groom.

Designed in conjunction with New Concept Aquatics!

As this is a hand made item, it is not intended for children and is designed to be an art piece for adults. As they are stitched by machine, they won't fall apart if handled roughly but have not passed the relevant safety standards to be sold as a child's toy.

Plushie Dimensions: 25cm long
Description: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri is a species of loach native to large parts of Southeast Asia. It has a mouth designed to grip onto smooth surfaces in strongly flowing water. Their natural colouration is brown, but a golden variety has been selected for in the aquarium hobby.