Inostrancevia alexandri by Hansa


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These plushies are CE tested and suitable for children over 3 years of age. is proud to be the first in the UK to stock this lovely Inostrancevia alexandri plush by Hansa. I have always been a fan of Hansa's plushies and their quality and detail were a huge inspiration to me! If this product does well, expect to see more of Hansa's more unusual (and hard to get) plushies stocked here!

Plush Details:
Length - 45cm
Width - 13cm
Height - 24cm

Inostrancevia alexandri was one of the largest Gorgonopsids with specimens found up to 3.5m. Their upper sabre-like canine teeth could reach 15cm in length. They inhabited northern Russia during the Wuchiapingian stage of the Late Permian.