Nemicolopterus crypticus Lifesize 22cm handmade plush toy


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A one-off, unique handmade Nemicolopterus pterosaur! This species is often claimed to the the smallest Pterosaur species, however it is possible that it is a hatchling or juvenile of another species. Pterosaurs were highly precocial, possibly being able to fly as soon as they hatched.

Completely handmade, with only a few stitches on the wings done by machine, there will only ever be one of these plushies quite like it! Tiny realistic eyes peek out from hand-trimmed fur fabric to give this creature a realistic shape. This plush will come with invisible thread so you can hang your little buddy up somewhere!

This plush will come with a certificate of authenticity, detailling it's species, the date they were made and proving that they are an original Palaeoplushie handmade in Scotland by Rebecca Groom.

As this is a hand made item, it is not intended for children and is not suitable as a toy. It is a one-off art doll.

Plushie Dimensions: 22cm Wingspan
Description: Nemicolopterus crypticus is a species of pterosaur from the Jehol Biota. It is known from one specimen with a wingspan of just under 25cm.