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Purple Veiltail Betta splendens handmade plush keychain

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This plush is custom printed minky fabric, sewn and stuffed with polyester. Coloured safety eyes and a steel keychain securely attached to keep your keys safe, or wherever you'd like to hang it!

As this is a hand made item, it is not intended for children and is designed to be an art piece for adults. As they are stitched by machine, they won't fall apart if handled roughly but have not passed the relevant safety standards to be sold as a child's toy.

Plushie Dimensions: 12cm long
DescriptionBetta splendens is also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. They are found in the wild in canals, rice paddies and floodplains. They're a popular aquarium pet and have been bred to display a wide range of colours and fin shapes.