Therizinosaurus Soft Sculpture - Art Doll


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This Therizinosaurus is a unique Soft Sculpture, entirely hand-made by Rebecca Groom of Palaeoplushies. The head, hands and feet are cast resin from original sculpts and painted. Ball and socket plastic armature throughout the body allow it to be posed and stand on it's own. High quality fur fabrics have been hand-sewn into a realistic coat of "feathers", the eyes are hand-painted glass cabuchons for that extra sparkle of life.

This Soft Sculpture is roughly 68cm long and stands 45cm high (unless it's reaching up on tippy toes).

Although this creature is tactile, it's best if it isn't handled too often as it is intended as a display piece. This is definitely not a toy and could be broken by the rough handling of a child. (If there's any issues or it is damaged, please contact me and I will be happy to repare any accidental damage etc.).

If you'd like to arrange to pick this item up at TetZooCon I would be happy to oblige! (In that case I'd refund postage).